By Sarah Elsesser, Palm Beach Post Staff Writer

Twin sisters delivered their sons on the same day at the same hospital, though one room and a few hours apart.

Danielle Grant and Kim Abraham, 32, of New Jersey, said their pregnancies were a coincidence, but they had identical due dates and each opted to have labor induced after the due date passed, WABC reported.

Aron and Roman were born April 28, less than four hours apart, WBAC reported.

The babies’ grandmother said they “will be best friends,” “Good Morning America” reported.

“Oh, they’ll definitely have combined birthday parties and we’ll raise them to be close,” Abraham told GMA. “If they were 10 years apart they’d be close, but the fact they have the same birthday is even better. We live 6 miles away from each other.”

Another set of New Jersey twins also had their children on the same day last year, but they delivered daughters minutes apart.

Read more at WBAC and “Good Morning America.”

Twin sisters’ children coincidentally share amazing similarity

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