EAST STROUDSBURG, Penn. – Where there’s will, there’s a way.

Pennsylvania State Police posted a photo on their Facebook page of officers, the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation, Pennsylvania National Guard, and Suburban EMS to escort a 23-month-old to a hospital during the northeast blizzard.

The child was being taken to the hospital for an emergency heart transplant, according to WCVB-TV.

“What happened was the child went to the hospital in East Stroudsburg and it was determined that he needed a heart transplant, and had to go back to Danville to Geisinger to get it,” said Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf told WABC-TV.

“And so, PennDOT led the way with a plow train, state police went with the group to make sure they were safe. The National Guard followed up to make sure that if anything happened they could help. And the local emergency responders and healthcare practitioners made sure the baby was safe while they made that trip,” Wolf said.

The team effort ensured everyone arrived safely.

Troopers rally to escort toddler to hospital for emergency heart transplant despite blizzard conditions

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