A 10-year-old boy’s touching Christmas list is melting hearts.

Matt Leadbetter of Strawberry Plain, Tennessee told his kids to think hard before making their Christmas list this year. He was shocked when he read what his 10-year-old son, Houston, wrote, WVLT reports.

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“I want nothing for Christmas. I want every kid to have a present instead of me,” wrote Houston.

Leadbetter said his family worked hard to instill generosity in their kids. After Houston opened Christmas gifts every year, he and his grandmother paid it forward by distributing Christmas baskets.

“It’s really fun because everybody else gets something they don’t have, and I can help out the community with stuff they need,” said Houston.

Leadbetter said he plans to get Houston gifts despite his selfless request to Santa.

“He’ll still get stuff for Christmas,” said Leadbetter. “He’s a good kid, he’s done great in school, and I’m very, very proud of him.”

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