A little girl is making sure no student feels alone at her school in New Washington, Ind.

Peyton Jones, 8, is a student at New Washington Elementary in Indiana, WDRB reports. When she noticed not everyone on the playground had a friend at recess, she decided to do something about it. She decided the school needed a “Buddy Bench,” which serves as a place to go when you need a friend.

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“When you don’t have anybody to sit with on the playground, you sit on the Buddy Bench, and other kids come over and ask if you want to play with them,” said Peyton.

It cost $500 to install the bench, so Peyton got to work raising money by selling sugar scrubs. Every dollar she earned, she put towards the project.

“My principal matched all my money, and I could get two Buddy Benches,” said Peyton.

Teachers say they’ve seen a big difference since the benches were installed.

“It’s a good place; when I see a student alone, I say, ‘Hey, remember the Buddy Bench,’ and they’ll go over and sit down and wait for a friend,” said teacher Heather Barry.

For Peyton’s next project, she plans to create a Free Little Library outside her school. To find out how to donate, click here.

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