A 6-year-old’s enthusiastic performance in her church choir is making millions of hearts soar.

Loren Patterson of Dickson, Tenn., sang in her church’s choir during the Oct. 29 service, ABC News reports.

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Loren was singing “Old Church Choir” in the performance. Meanwhile, her mom was just a few rows up, lending her voice to the adults’ choir.

“I could tell something was going on, but I couldn’t tell what it was,” Jennifer Patterson told ABC News. “When I saw the video, I just couldn’t believe what she was doing.”

Patterson shared the video on Facebook along with the caption, “Loren singing in choir this morning. In case you can’t find her she’s the one in pink and brown.”

The video has since been viewed more than 39 million times.

Dad Zack Williams and Jennifer said they weren’t surprised by Loren’s enthusiasm.

“Around here she sings all the time, she’s always dancing around, she makes up her own songs about Jesus,” said Jennifer. “That’s just her personality; she’s so bubbly, and she’s been that way all her life.”

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