by: Sophia Choi, WSB-TV

NEWNAN, Ga. – A Newnan couple, who defied the odds by having quadruplets without the use of fertility drugs, now has all four babies at home.

Channel 2’s Sophia Choi sat down with the new parents on Monday.

Kortney and Justin Miller have their hands full with a baby in each arm, plus an older son, Bentlee.

Brothers Brandon, Brayden, and Bryant and their sister Kenlee were born on Dec.16, weighing around 3 pounds each at Piedmont Newnan Hospital. They’re now about 5 pounds each.

“Normally, they eat every four hours, so feed one, you get done with her, feed him,” Kortney Miller said.

Feeding, changing and caring for four babies is a full time job and then some for Kortney.

“I try to give her a break when I get home from work, but sometimes, they need their mom,” Justin Miller said.

The Millers had a one in 700,000 chance of conceiving quads naturally with no fertility help. This is the first time doctors at Piedmont Newnan Hospital delivered quads.

“The delivery part, it was really scary because I know I had a 100 and something people in that room and I was terrified,” Kortney Miller said.

With the help of the hospital’s “quad squad,” all four babies are OK, despite arriving early at only 29 weeks.

The Millers say they are adjusting to the changes that come with the bigger family.

“We had to go buy a new van,” Justin Miller said.

The family says they need all the help they can get with diapers and wipes. If you’d like to donate, visit their GoFundMe page.

These quadruplets beat nearly impossible odds and are thriving

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