AURORA, Colo. – Police are recommending felony charges against the parents of two baby boys who died the same way two years apart.

KDVR reports 7-month-old Azyian Newton died on July 9, 2014 and his brother, 3-month-old Nazairean Newtwon, died on June 29. Autopsy reports list the boys’ cause of death as undetermined, but the Arapahoe County Coroner’s Officer in Colorado noted unsafe sleeping conditions.

“The decedent was placed to sleep in an adult bed with both parents who had reportedly been using alcohol and marijuana,” notes on the autopsy report read.

The District Attorney’s Office did not press charges in the first death, but are now investigating the police recommendation in the new case.

In 2014, dad Tyler Newton said that his son usually slept on his bed between him and his girlfriend.

Newton said he will be haunted by his sons’ deaths.

“I will never get that out of my head, just holding him in my arms and trying to get him up,” Newton told KDVR.

Prosecutors are expected to make a decision soon on whether or not to charge the parents with child abuse resulting in death.

These brothers died years apart under the same circumstances. Now, police say their parents should be charged

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