by: Brett Rosner

VATICAN CITY – He went in for a kiss, but she went in on his hat!

Scroll down for video. 

A little girl from Douglasville got the encounter of a lifetime not only when she met the pope, but also because she snatched his skullcap.

Twitter user Mountain Butorac posted video of his visit to Vatican City where he and his family friends hoped to see the pope. And they did.

They arrived at 7 a.m. and got a great seat. The video shows the security lifting up his goddaughter to embrace the pope. But as Pope Francis kissed the girl, named Estella, on the cheek, she grabbed his skullcap.

The pope and the rest of the crowd laughed as he retrieved his hat and placed it back onto his head. He then went on to greet other people in the crowd.

The pope had the best reaction when this girl stole his hat

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