A terminally sick 5-year-old just checked off the highest-ranked item on her bucket list: “marrying” her best friend.

Eileidh Paterson of Scotland was diagnosed with high risk neuroblastoma in 2014, according to her GoFundMe page.

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Her family is currently helping Eileidh check off items from her bucket list, after learning her diagnosis was terminal.

Hundreds of people gathered for the superhero-princess themed wedding between Eileidh and 6-year-old Harrison Grier. The two exchanged necklaces as they were declared “best friends forever.”

Disney princesses and superheroes alike showed up to the event and danced the day away with Eileidh.

“Harrison had never been to a wedding before, so this was all new to him,” Harrison’s dad, Billy Grier, told Metro. “It was a beautiful ceremony, and he enjoyed every minute. He was quite excited to do it. Every since he met Eileidh, they have been inseparable.”

Eileidh’s mom, Gail, said the event brought her daughter some well-deserved joy.

“The spectacle of it really perked her up. She was in her absolute element getting to play with other kids and have fun,” said Gail. “These are going to be lasting memories.”

The family is working to raise money to fund Eileidh bucket list adventures. If you would like to donate, click here.

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