A teenage girl battling cancer took back some control of her life when she shaved her head before chemotherapy could take her hair away from her. Now, the video is inspiring thousands of people around the world.

“I had a perspective where cancer and chemo kind of control your life,” McKenzi Middlebrooks of Loganville, Georgia, told ABC News. “I want to take control and basically say chemo and cancer can’t decide when I lose my hair. I want to. At least that was one thing I could have control over.”

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Middlebrooks is battling ovarian cancer and neuroblastoma.

She told ABC News that she originally didn’t plan on sharing the video but decided to share it after deciding that it could inspire someone else battling cancer.

The video shows McKenzi sitting in a chair while her dad shaves her head. Her mom, siblings and close friends look on.

The video was viewed on Facebook over 1 million times.

Teen takes control of cancer in video that’s equal parts heartbreaking and inspiring Facebook/Screenshot

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