FALLS CHURCH, Va. – A teenager has achieved an accomplishment only a few have, earning more than 100 Boy Scout merit badges.

Michael Hollander started chasing his goal after his dad was deployed overseas to Afghanistan.

“I was really sad,” Michael told WUSA. He was just 11 when his dad left in 2010. “I was talking to my mom one day and she was like, you like scouts, why don’t you get all of the merit badges? I was like that would be cool.”

For Michael, it was the perfect distraction.

“It was a way for me to focus my attention on the merit badges and getting the merit badges, instead of focusing on my dad being lost in Afghanistan,” said Michael.

Michael worked hard, learning new skills and challenging himself. His dad come home 13 months later and helped Michael continue to work towards his goal.

After seven years of hard work, Michael accomplished his goal.

“I am extremely proud of him,” said dad Eric Hollander.

Teen accomplishes greatness after throwing himself behind important work after dad leaves for Afghanistan

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