PHOENIX – A teacher is overjoyed after adopting her favorite student as her own son.

“I used to always tell my husband, ‘There’s a kid at school and if I could adopt, I would adopt a kid just like him,'” Jodi Kacz told KPNX.

Kacz is a teacher at Manuel Pena Jr. School in Phoenix. She taught Orlando as a fourth grader in 2014 and felt an instant connection with the sweet boy.

Kacz has a heart condition which prevents her from having kids of her own. She always dreamed of someday adopting a child.

One day later that semester, one of Orlando’s friends told Kacz that Orlando was in foster care. Kacz was shocked.

“I had no idea this beautiful child I fell in love with was up for adoption,” Kacz said.  “Eventually I said, ‘This is meant to be. This connection I feel is from above.’”

Orlando was born in Arizona, spent some time in an orphanage in Mexico, and eventually came back to Arizona to live with a foster family, KPNX reports. He always dreamed of having a family.

On November 19, his dream finally came true, just in time for the holidays.

Watch the heartwarming story below:

Teacher who can’t have kids of her own makes discovery about student that changed everything

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