CHARLOTTE, NORTH CAROLINA – Forget the simple hello and taking attendance, one North Carolina teacher has a unique way of greeting his students every day.
Meet Barry White, Jr.  He’s a fifth-grade literacy teacher at a Charlotte elementary school.
White says he wants his students to be excited about school.
In his effort to bring joy and build trust with his students, White began creating individual handshakes for them.
He got the idea after he saw Cleveland Cavaliers star player LeBron James doing handshakes with his inner-circle.
Mr. White, as his students call him, says:  “The most critical component is the relationship, the rapport you build with your students because sometimes it can go underrated or overlooked. Before I’m able to deliver a substantial amount of content to them, they have to invest in the teacher.”
White not only has a personalized handshake for every single one of his students in each of his three classes, but he also has customized handshakes for volunteers, fellow educators and students in other grades.
White says the idea is simple: Make every child feel special.
Teacher has a personalized ‘secret handshake’ for each of his students

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