MEMPHIS Tenn. – An energetic teacher is going to extra mile to get her students motivated every morning.

A video shared to Facebook by St. John Catholic School in Memphis shows teacher Mrs. Finch singing and dancing with her enthusiastic second-grade students. They changed the words to the popular song “Juju on that Beat” to make it a song about school and learning.

“You’re smart. You’re your teacher’s pet,” is just one example of their education-friendly lyrics.

Every student in the classroom seems to love the morning routine. They’re all singing, dancing and smiling with their teacher as they start the day.

“How awesome is Mrs. Finch’s new morning routine?! Second grade has fun from the minute they walk through the door!” St. John Catholic School captioned the video on their Facebook page.

Check out the inspiring video below:

Teacher empowers her students every morning with a twist on their favorite song

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