By Allie Goolrick, WSB-TV

Once again, the kids at Ron Clark Academy have raised the bar for “most lit school in the country.”

Yesterday, RCA dropped “In the A,” an incredible, original music video written, produced and choreographed by two eighth-graders, Alec Myrick and Jaydon Linsey.

Myrick and Linsey, both 14, choreographed a series of moves they call the “hot pocket.” After teaching¬† the dance to the entire school, they enlisted whoever wanted to participate to be in the music video. The result is a crisply-produced, rambunctious tribute to Atlanta with a call-out to other people to try their brand new #HotPocketChallenge.

Ron Clark Academy has made a reputation for itself for pairing song and dance with academia in the form of fun nods to pop culture. With some incredibly talented dancers in the mix, they’ve performed everything from the Dougie to the Quan. They most recently welcomed new fifth-graders with the Milly Rock.

What’s impressive about “In the A” is that it’s not only original, but it was entirely filmed and produced by the students with of course, the support of the founder of RCA himself, Ron Clark.

But, despite how talented and passionate his students are about performing, Clark wants everyone to know that they definitely don’t just spend all their time singing and dancing.

“This class of students not only can sing and dance but they also have $4.2 million in scholarships,” Clark told Channel 2. “They are very academically strong students who are on honor roll — but they just wanted to do something fun.”


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