by: Tom Jones, WSB-TVĀ 

DOUGLAS COUNTY, Ga. – A mother is calling the officer who saved her month-old baby’s life “an angel sent from up above.” The mother says the officer arrived in the nick of time.

“It was … almost like a guardian angel. God sent him to us that day,” Chucquel Davis told WSB-TV’s Tom Jones.

She was talking about Douglasville police Officer Joseph Dwyer.

“I never thought the day would come when I did this job and something like that would happen,” Dwyer said.

What happened was Dwyer breathed life into Davis’ 1-month-old son, Amir, when it looked like his life had come to an end. “We really thought it was over honestly. It was real scary,” the mother said.

Davis and her fiance woke to find their son not breathing earlier this month. “He was blue,” she said.

Amir and his twin brother Amar were born 5 weeks early and both have a medical issue where they often stop breathing when they have acid reflux. Davis and her fiance tried CPR on Amir but were too distraught.

They called 911 and luckily Dwyer was nearby. He said he arrived 45 seconds later, “And I began CPR.”

He began doing compressions. “I just kept on saying it in my head over and over as I was doing the compressions is fight, fight, fight,” he said.

After about a minute baby Amir began breathing. Davis says she and Dwyer started crying. “He was just as emotional as we were,” she said.

The mother says the officer went above and beyond the call of duty. “Thank God for that officer because he got there Johnny on the spot,” she said.

Dwyer says he was just doing his job. “We’re not all out here just to just trying to arrest people or trying to ruin people’s lives. We’re here to do a job,” he said.

A job well done, Davis and her fiance said.

The twins have monitors that set off an alarm when they stop breathing. But the parents don’t trust that so they have to rotate staying up around-the-clock to watch the twins. The routine means they can’t work and that’s making life even more difficult.

The city will give Dwyer a lifesaving award Thursday.

Quick-thinking officer springs into action when baby boy stops breathing

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