LEANDER, Tex. – A high school student with Down syndrome got the fairy tale ending she was dreaming of, getting crowned prom queen in a surprise turn of events.

Abby Cano and Keilany Solano are high school seniors at Leander High School in Texas. They were two of the five finalists for prom queen this year.

Abby has Down syndrome and is admired at her school and is well know for walking down the hall and giving her fellow classmates high-fives on the way to class.

On prom night, Keilany was crowned prom queen.

“We were in the middle of the dance floor. They had just announced me, and I went up and took a picture with my boyfriend who had also won, Daniel, and then I turned around and saw Abby,” Keilany told KXAN.

Instead of keeping the crown for herself, she took off her tiara and sash to crown Abby instead.

“I did it because I knew at that moment she would be even happier than me, and I felt like she deserved it more,” Abby said.

Abby was thrilled. Her mom said Abby is still smiling because of the kind gesture.

“From the time she started here in first grade all the way through her senior year in high school, she has had the most amazing experiences of people being really, really kind to her and doing these wonderful things for her,” said mom Sabrina Wycoff.

Prom queen takes off crown and sash, gives them to someone more deserving

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