A boy born without arms or legs is going viral for the second time in less than a month thanks to a video that proves he’s not letting anything stop him from being a kid.

Camden Whiddon, 3, was born with Amelia-phocomelia syndrome, meaning he was born without parts of his skeletal system. Despite not having arms and legs, he’s still an active, playful kid.

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A video recently shared by his mom, Katie Danielle Whiddon, on Facebook shows him keeping up with his big sister, Ryleigh, at the park. Camden successfully climbed the stairs, refusing his grandmother’s help when she offered.

Once he got to the top, he scooted toward the slide and his grandma caught him.

Camden went viral at the end of August after a video showing him calming his baby brother down went viral. The video showed Camden putting his brother’s fallen pacifier back in his mouth.

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