An Iowa mom is crediting an app with saving her baby’s life, alerting her to an emergency.

“I haven’t let my mind go there,” said mom Emily Eekhoff of Des Moines, Iowa. “They could have been burying our baby instead.”

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Eekhoff was using the Count the Kicks app, which monitors a baby’s movement by allowing the expecting mother to record her baby’s movement in the app.

Around 33 weeks into her pregnancy, Eekhoff realized her baby’s movements had slowed down.

“Even the kicks that I felt were really, like, soft, subtle,” Eekhoff told WHO-TV.

After feeling no movement for four hours, Eekhoff rushed to a nearby hospital. Doctors discovered the baby girl’s umbilical cord was wrapped around her neck three times.

Doctors performed an emergency C-section and delivered baby Ruby. She spent 10 days in the NICU getting stronger and is now at home with her family, Good Morning America reports.

Eekhoff credits the app with saving Ruby.

“The app helped me to know her patterns of movement so when the pattern changed, I knew something was wrong, which did save her life,” Eekhoff said. “Because I might have waited longer had I not known her patterns or been using the app, and that could’ve been too late.”

Mom says an app helped save her unborn baby’s life, alerting her to a serious emergency Video screenshot

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