A mother is helping other parents celebrate the small milestones that mean so much for babies born prematurely.

Amy Purling’s son, James, was born prematurely in February 2016.

“He was born at 30 weeks with a rare blood-clotting disorder,” Purling, who lives in Australia, told ABC News. “On his first day the doctors told us he was lucky to be alive.”

James is now one year old, and has overcome the obstacles of premature birth.

To help her get through the at times scary days her son spent in the NICU, Purling celebrated the small milestones.

“I was celebrating milestones that seemed so simple to everyone else, such as the suck of his first dummy and finally being able to breathe on his own, but they were absolutely huge in the NICU world,” Purling said. “Ultimately, each milestone meant James was getting stronger and was a step closer to coming home with us.”

This inspired her to start the company, Miracle Mumma. She sells “milestone cards” marked with various notable moments in a preemie’s development.

The project quickly took off. She has already sold 100 sets of cards, and donated even more.

“It became obvious that I wasn’t the only one who was passionate about this,” said Purling.

Check out some photos below.

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