A video showing a military dad’s reunion with his newly bespectacled 9-month-old son is warming hearts across the country.

A video shared to Facebook shows little Reagan Caldwell in his dad’s arms. His dad, Brandon Caldwell, was freshly home after a 2-month deployment in Antarctica.

Reagan’s mother, Amanda, videoed the moment Brandon sang “Patty Cake” to Reagan, who happily clapped along.

Towards the end of the song, Reagan rested his head against his dad’s shoulder in a heartwarming cuddle.

“This was the first time he got to SEE his daddy through glasses,” Amanda wrote in the Facebook video. “It’s obvious in this video he loves his daddy.”

Reagan has survived a lot during his first few weeks of life. He suffered from meningitis and became septic shortly his birth in June 2016. He ended up in the intensive care unit.

He has since recovered and is making incredible strides, according to updates posted to his Facebook page. He is undergoing regular physical, occupational and speech therapy sessions.

To follow Reagan’s story, click here.

Military dad returns home, baby boy sees him clearly through glasses for the first time

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