KNOXVILLE, Tenn. – Kids will be kids, even when they’re visiting their mom as she appears on live television.

Heather Haley is a meteorologist with WVLT in Knoxville, Tennessee. She recently brought her kids to work with her to work during their spring break.

Things went a little awry when she introduced them on-air. Her oldest son, Hayden, wore green and blended in perfectly with the set. Her nephew, Landon, dabbed on-air. And her youngest, Logan, lifted his shirt and refused to leave the set as Heather prepared to report the weather.

“I should have known better,” Heather laughed while trying to wrangle Logan.

Finally, an anchor came in and scooped up little Logan as his mom reported the weather.

Watch the hilarious segment below:

Meteorologist brought her kids to work and things went hilariously wrong on-air

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