HASTINGS, Neb. – A man’s newborn son proved to be the perfect wingman, even though he was just a few hours old.

Darick Mead and his girlfriend, Susan Medina, recently welcomed their son, Ryder at a Hastings, Nebraska hospital.

Mead told ABC News that they met on the social network, and were soon inseparable. Mead knew he wanted to marry Medina, and with some help from their friend, Katie, he hatched the perfect plan.

Katie made a special onesie for baby Ryder that read, “Mommy, will you marry my Daddy?”

The nurses helped change Ryder into the special onesie, and laid him in his mom’s arms.

Friends and family were in the room and captured the special moment on their cell phones.

Medina was totally shocked as she read her son’s onesie.

“I don’t even remember what exactly I was feeling. I just know that I started crying out of nowhere,” Medina told ABC News. “I did not expect that to happen.”

The new parents said they haven’t had a chance to start planning the wedding quite yet, but they’re enjoying every moment as a newly minted family.

“I’ve got everything that I could ever ask for right now,” Mead said.

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