RICHMOND, Va. – A little girl with a big heart gave up her birthday presents to help a baby boy she’s never met.

Cooper Young was born three weeks early in Charleston, South Carolina while his parents were on vacation. Mom Emily Williams and dad Phillip Young have been posting updates on the baby boy’s progress on their Facebook page, Cooper’s Chronicles.

Addison Williams, 7, heard little Cooper Young’s story from her grandfather, who previously worked with Cooper’s father as a firefighter in Spotslyvannia, Virginia, CBS News reports.

For her October 23 birthday, little Addison decided she wanted to collect donations for Cooper in lieu of getting presents for herself. Her mom says she’s always thinking of ways to help others.

“I call her my little philanthropist,” mom Emily Williams told CBS News. “But I don’t think that she understands the magnitude of what she’s done.”

In total, Addison managed to raise more than $307. The family put the money towards Cooper’s medical bills.

“We gave her a call and wished her a ‘Happy Birthday’ and told her how honored we were that she selected Cooper,” dad Philip Young told ABC News. “For her to do that and sacrifice presents for Cooper, to us is quite a selfless act.”

Cooper’s story has since gone viral, attracting attention across the country. According to a post on Cooper’s Chronicles, Pampers saw Addison’s story and donated $1,000 on the family’s GoFundMe page.

The family hopes Cooper will be home very soon.

“I’m hoping that we will spend our first Thanksgiving at home together,” Young told ABC News. “We still have a couple of challenges to get over, but he’s come so far that I’m extremely hopeful.”

Instead of birthday presents, 7-year-old asks for donations to help premature baby

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