NEW YORK – A group of homeless girls in New York have found the family they’ve been searching for thanks to Girl Scout troop 6,000.

Troop 6,000 was started exclusively for homeless girls by a single mother who felt she disappointed her children when she lost her housing.

“I felt ashamed,” mom Giselle Burgess told the “Today” show. “I felt like I let them down.”

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The New York Times reports Burgess became homeless last year when her rental home was sold to make room for new condominiums in her area. She makes a decent salary, but not enough to afford an apartment.

Burgess wanted to give her daughters something to look forward to, so she decided to start a Girl Scouts Troop exclusively for homeless girls.

“Our mission is to instill girls with courage, confidence and character,” Burgess said.

So far, they have about 20 members.

“We’re all Girl Scout sisters,” a scout named Karina told “Today.” “We’re all a pack. And if you see a girl with 6,000 on, it just makes you like, we’ve gone through the same thing or you’re still going through it.”

The girls are excited to be starting something great for other kids like them.

“We’re starting a chain reaction. Hopefully in the next couple years, there will be more Girl Scout troops in shelters,” said Karina, according to a blog post by the Girl Scouts of America.

If you would like to support Troop 6000, you can donate to the Girl Scouts of Greater New York.

Homeless girls find family thanks to a Girl Scout troop in New York Today video screenshot

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