Parents are calling their 8-year-old son a hero for saving his little brother when he choked on a quarter.

Just two days before the scary accident, 8-year-old Sterling Blake’s dad taught him the Heimlich maneuver. It came in handy when Sterling’s 22-month-old brother, Grainger, found a quarter.

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“He probably grabbed the quarter and he ate it, or he tried to, but he choked on it. Once he was choking, I didn’t think about anything. It was just my reaction,” Sterling told WCBS. “So I whacked him on the back.”

Thankfully, it worked just as Sterling hoped it would.

“He threw up a quarter,” said Sterling. “He started crying.”

Sterling and Grainger’s parents hope others learn from the scary story.

“It’s a huge lesson to parents to tell and teach your children how to do it,” said mom Essence Blake. “Even if you think they’re not listening, they are.”

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