A teenager who rode his bike to work six-and-a-half miles one way has a new ride thanks to his generous co-workers.

Noah Robinson of Saginaw, Michigan was never late for a day of work at a company called Glastender, despite riding his bike 13 miles a day to make it there.

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“Six-and-a-half miles one way. Rain, sleet, shine, whatever it was, he was riding his bike, and he was here on time all the time. It just turned into, ‘we could probably do something to help him out,'” Dan McGrandy, an engineering tech at Glastender, told WJRT.

It was a 46-minute bike ride for Robinson to get to work everyday. He started riding his bike because friends and family were unreliable getting him to work on time.

Robinson hadn’t gotten his driver’s license yet. Todd Hall, who is president of the company where Noah works, decided to take Noah in for his driving test. Noah passed the day before his 19th birthday.

Hall planned on getting a car for Robinson, but he had no idea Robinson’s co-workers were way ahead of him, according to MLive.

Kimberly Norris, vice president of the company, started a pool with her fellow co-workers. Everyone pitched in some cash, and in no time they had enough money to buy a car and pay of one year of insurance.

They presented the gift to Robinson on his birthday. His co-workers say he’s a deserving recipient of the car.

“Here is a young person who had the gumption and the wherewithal to do whatever it took to come to work and be here on time,” Norris told MLive.

Robinson said he feels lucky to work with such caring people.

“It makes me feel like blessed, like I got good people around me,” Robinson told WNEM.

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