DENVILLE, N.J. –¬†A teen in Denville, New Jersey is spoiled for choice after getting accepted into all 8 Ivy League schools.

Ifeoma White-Thorpe is student government president at her school and aces all her AP classes.

She said she was excited to open her eighth Ivy League decision letter.

“I was shaking, I was like, oh my gosh, oh my gosh, like this might be eight out of eight and I clicked it and it said ‘Congratulations’ and I was like, ‘Oh my goodness and then I was like, what did I say?'” Ifeoma told WABC.

 Ifeoma said she believes one thing helped to push her over the top.
“I think my love for poetry and writing just really stood out,” said Ifeoma.
Now she’s faced with a tough decision.
“I got into Harvard early action, so I figured I’ll just go there, so then I got into all the others and I was like, ‘Wait now I don’t know where I want to go,'” said Ifeoma.
Hard-working teen spoiled for choice after getting accepted to all 8 Ivy League schools

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