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More than a year ago, Eden Hoelscher was paralyzed from the waist down after performing a backbend in her living room. But her resilience and courage during her physical therapy sessions has resulted not only in amazing progress, but also a spirit that has tugged at heartstrings nationwide.

“She has made an amazing recovery,” Eden’s, mother, Kylee Hoelscher, told People magazine.

On the morning of Dec. 23, 2015, Kylee Hoelscher walked into her living room to find her young daughter collapsed on the floor, People reported. After determining that Eden had lost feeling in her legs and feet, the family rushed the girl to the hospital. Doctors discovered that the backbend hyperextended her spine, causing a stroke in her spinal cord.

Since beginning physical therapy, the first-grader has made progress that has encouraged her family and doctors. Kylee Hoelscher documents her daughter’s milestones on the family’s Facebook page, called Stand For Eden.

The family moved from their home in Palo Verdes, California, to Louisville, Kentucky, so the 6-year-old could receive treatment at the Frazier Rehabilitation Institute, People reported.

The therapy and hard work paid off by July 2016, when Eden took her first steps during a visit with her best friend, Violet.

“They were having this imaginary sword fight [during one of Eden’s treatment sessions] and she just started taking steps,” Kylee Hoelscher told People. “Her therapist was holding her and Violet and Eden started sword fighting again and Eden started taking a step toward Violet.

“They were kind of holding her, so they were supporting some of her weight, but she started taking steps around the room and then into the hallway. It was really amazing.”

Eden returned to school last week. She has physical therapy five mornings each week. Kylee Hoelscher told People there is no prognosis yet, but the family is optimistic.

“She wasn’t able to sit up on her own in the beginning,” she said. “But now she can fully sit up, get dressed, brush her teeth, take a bath and wash her own hair. She’s a lot more comfortable in her own skin — just comfortable in her body and with the way that she is.”

Girl paralyzed doing backbend makes remarkable progress

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