A young girl born with her heart beating outside her chest is defying the odds.

When Virsaviya Borun was born in Russia, doctors told her mother that she’d never be able to walk or talk, according to Inside Edition.

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Borun was born with a condition called Pentalogy of Cantrell. Her rib cage can’t grow and her heart grows outside her chest, covered only by a layer of skin.

Borun now lives in Hollywood, Florida with her mom, Dari Borun. She loves to sing and dance. When she’s out and about, she wears a thick shield over her chest to protect her heart.

Dari posts photos and videos of her daughter defying the odds, singing and dancing despite doctor’s initial prognosis.

You can follow the family’s updates on Instagram by clicking here.

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Dari has also set up a YouCaring page to help with Virsaviya’s medical costs, which you can donate to here.

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