A dad says he got emotional photographing his daughter for an epic Valentine’s Day surprise.

Josh Rossi is a professional photographer and wanted to give his daughter, Nelle, a beautiful keepsake for Valentine’s Day. He photographed his daughter dressed up as Belle and totally transformed her into a real-life princess.

“It’s a representation of the relationship we have together. And instead of having a poster of Justin Bieber over her bed in a few years, she can have this awesome photo of herself,” Rossi told ABC News.

Rossi, who is currently living in Puerto Rico, even traveled Europe to get pictures of the real-life castles that inspired the recreations in “Beauty and the Beast.”

“I wanted it to be really authentic, so I went to shoot all the castles that Disney movies were inspired by,” said Rossi.

Nelle’s outfits were even designed by Ella Dyne, who makes children’s costumes.

To get the perfect shots, Rossi spun and twirled with Nelle, then combined the photos with different backgrounds.

He said he couldn’t help thinking about the future while snapping the pictures.

“It was all these weird, mixed emotions, like she was getting married, but she was still young. But, I imagined her older,” said Rossi.

For Valentine’s Day, a photographer gave his daughter a keepsake to cherish forever

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