JACKSON, N.J. – When a babysitter in Jackson, New Jersey took a job with a family on a whim, she had no idea she would end up donating part of her liver to their toddler, potentially saving her life.

WPIX reports Kiersten Miles, 21, met the Rosko family last June after a friend recommended her for a summer babysitting job.

Going into the job, she knew the family’s daughter, Talia, would require a little extra attention because of a liver disorder.

“She’s such a happy baby. You really wouldn’t have known anything was wrong with her,” said Miles.

Little Talia, who is now 16 months old, was suffering from bilary atresia, which causes substantial scarring of the liver.

Talia needed a new liver and was placed on a transplant list.

Shortly after learning about their daughter’s condition, the Rosko family hired Miles. She was curious about Talia’s condition and decided to do some research of her own.

Then, she told Talia’s parents she wanted to donate part of her liver to Talia.

“I was like, ‘Kiersten, this is not like donating blood. This is serious. You need to talk to your parents,” mom Farra Rosko told WPIX. “And she’s like, ‘Already did.’ She was like, ‘I’m compatible.'”

So on Jan. 11, Talia and Miles underwent the surgery. Both are doing well.

In fact, little Talia has never been better. She made such a rapid recovery that she was discharged early from the hospital.

“I call her my rock star, because she went through so much and she’s stronger,” said Talia’s dad, George Rosko.

Kiersten says she hopes her story will inspire others to become organ donors.

For more information about becoming an organ donor, click here.

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