Five fifth-grade boys surprised their best friend’s mom with a unique graduation ceremony as she battled stage 4 breast cancer.

Kelli Konopczyk of Cedar Park, Texas learned her breast cancer returned in 2012.

“My latest prognosis is I’m likely on very limited time,” Konopczyk told KXAN. “It could be a matter of weeks, so we’re just getting through a tough time right now.”

Konopczyk wanted to see her son, Brennan, graduate from the fifth grade. With some help from Deer Creek Elementary School’s principal, Brennan and four best friends were honored in a special ceremony for Konopczyk.

In just one week, Principal Tol Wilhite and several members of the community came together to organize the special ceremony complete with speeches, balloons and certificates.

“They have a group that they call the ‘BFFFF’s.’ There’s five of them. They were all in the same kindergarten class. They have very different interests, but they’ve just stayed that core unit,” said Konopczyk.

She said it was a perfect day.

“They say it takes a village,” Konopczyk said. “I always say I just love my village here.”

Boys surprise best friend’s terminally ill mom with special graduation ceremony Video screenshot

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