A little boy is thrilled with the gifts he’s already collected under his tree, but he says they’re not for him.

“They’re for all the people and they don’t have homes and they’re very cold,” said Patrick McClung.

Three-year-old Patrick is gathering coats, gloves, blankets and socks to give to the homeless people in his hometown of Anchorage, Alaska.

His mom says a few weeks ago, he overheard her talking about people in need. When she explained that some people sleep outside, Patrick was heartbroken.

“It really hurt his heart to realize there are people who go without,” said Patrick’s mother┬áDestinee McClung.

So Patrick and his mom decided to help, creating signs and setting up boxes around town to collect donations. He even started volunteering at a soup kitchen.

Patrick is also spending his own money, trading his toys for cash to buy even more supplies for those who truly need it.


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