A baby boy who spend his first 19 months of life in a hospital has every reason to celebrate his remarkable two years of life.

Crosby Gebura was born at 28 weeks with a rare defect that caused some of his organs to grow outside his body. His 19-month stay at Cleveland Children’s Hospital made him the longest NICU patient in the hospital’s history, according to “Today.

Despite multiple surgeries, he continued to suffer complications.

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“You can’t get too high or too low. It’s a roller boaster, it’s a marathon,” said dad Justin Gebura, 34.

“There were some days where you just lived minute by minute,” Crosby’s mom, Courtney Gebura, 34, said.

Now, Crosby is out of the NICU and is learning how to be a normal kid, and his parents are learning to be normal parents. During the ordeal, the couple moved closer to the hospital, kept their full-time jobs and spent every moment they could by Crosby’s side at the hospital.

The couple said they’re proud of how far he has come.

“I want him to live in a bubble so we never go back” said Courtney. “We’re so proud of him.”

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