HUDSON, Fla. – A little boy’s big effort to pay it forward is warming hearts across the country.

Blake Work, 6, set up a “free toy stand” outside his Hudson, Florida home. He wanted to give toys away to less fortunate children.

According to ABC News, Blake sat outside under the hot Florida sun for six hours, determined to give away free toys.

“My heart was hurting because I didn’t know how it would be possible,” his mom, Melissa Work, told ABC News. “We lived in an older community by a golf course with all older people who are retired. There are no kids, but he got his toys together. He had eight of them in the kitchen and he wanted me to help him make a sign.”

Melissa said Blake got the idea the night before, after his mom explained that some kids don’t have toys to play with.

“His face dropped. Like it immediately hurt him,” said Melissa.

Then, Blake realized he could do something to help.

“He jumped out of bed and dragged out a TV tray and said, ‘I’ll set out my toys and do like a lemonade stand.”

When Blake woke up the next day, it was the first thing on his mind. He immediately dragged a small table outside and got to work.

With his mom’s help, he made a sign that read, “Cheer up kids. Come to Blake Work’s house. We have free toys for you.”

He laid out all his favorite toys, ready to give them away to other kids. He sat there for hours, but there were no takers.

“He kept telling me to text all the other kids, and I was hurting because I couldn’t think of how to make that happen,” said Melissa. “But then I got an idea. I posted it on garage sales sites. That was the only thing I could think of. I posted it to two local garage sale sites in our area and people responded.”

By the end of the day, three people showed up to buy, swap and accept toys from Blake. His mom said he asked if he could give away the money he made to help others. He also donated all his leftover toys to his school.

At the end of the day, his teacher stopped by to show her support, after Melissa messaged her.

“She wanted to come by and tell him how proud she was. It was the perfect way to end the day,” said Melissa.

Boy, 6, sits alone under hot Florida sun for hours, determined to help others

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