MICHIGAN – One teen struck gold while playing the lottery in Michigan, but instead of using the money to buy lavish gifts for himself, he decided to give most of the winnings to his parents.

The 19-year-old won $500,000 playing Michigan’s Golden Wild Time scratch-off game. He immediately decided to help out his parents by giving them the money, according to Michigan State Lottery officials.

“I’m going to keep about $5,000 for myself to invest, and I’m going to give the rest to my parents,” said the teen. “My parents have done so much for my sister and me, helping them takes a big weight off of their shoulders and mine.”

He said he’s glad he can help alleviate some of his parents’ financial burdens.

“It’s just incredible,” he said. “I can’t get the smile off my face.”

Best son ever wins $500,000 in lottery, gives it to his parents

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