HOUSTON – A baby who was born twice is celebrating her 4-month birthday.

When Margaret Boemer was 16 weeks pregnant, doctors told her the baby had a massive tumor growing from her spine.

In order to save the baby, doctors had to remove baby Lynlee from her mother’s womb, remove the tumor, then place her back inside the uterus.

“We knew that if we didn’t choose the option of emergency surgery that night, that within a day or so she would pass,” Boemer told KPRC.

After a successful surgery, Lynlee remained in her mother’s womb until she was born through a healthy delivery at 36 weeks.

“It was her second birth, basically,” said Boemer. “It was a relief to finally see her and see that she had made it through all the difficulty.”

Her family says she is not doing “amazing.” Lynlee celebrated her four-month-birthday last week.

Since she was born, doctors had to remove her tailbone to ensure the tumor wouldn’t return. They aren’t sure how that will impact her development, but her parents say they’re just glad she’s alive and well.

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