CEDAR RAPIDS, Iowa – When Alex Fernandez lost his wallet four years ago, he was a high school freshman. By the time it was returned years later, he had already graduated.

“I was just kind of curious whatever happened to it,” Fernandez told KCRG.

Fernandez said he must have lost the wallet while on his way to a pep rally as a freshman in high school.

“When I got home I was panicking that I couldn’t find it and it had my instructional permit in there and so I needed that,” Fernandez said.

Fernandez eventually gave up hope that he would ever find his missing wallet.

“I kind of thought at first you know someone just found it took the money and stuff out of it and tossed it,” said Fernandez.

But recently, his family got an unusual message from the Cedar Rapids School district informing them that a bus mechanic found the wallet hidden on a school bus.

“I was actually fixing the heaters on the bus, I pulled the one heater loose and the wallet was wedged underneath the heater,” said mechanic Frank Stephenson.

After all these years, Fernandez said it was touching to finally get his wallet back.

“It kind of shows there’s still some honest people out there I guess,” Fernandez said.

As a high school student, he lost his wallet on a school bus. Years later, it was finally returned

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