FRANKLIN, Va. –¬†A man is alive today thanks to a persistent 6-year-old and a wrong turn.

Last month, Karter Thorpe and his grandmother, Carolyn Cook, were driving when she took a wrong turn that put her in the Lowe’s parking lot as she turned around.

Cook told WTKR that her grandson was sitting in the backseat and told her there was a man lying on the ground.

“Kids have an imagination to begin with, so I’m just kind of ignoring it and he’s like, ‘No you have to stop! He’s hurt! He’s hurt! We have to go back,'” said Cook.

Karter wasn’t backing down.

“I said that a few times, then she turned around to show me I was wrong,” said Karter.

But as it turns out, Karter wasn’t wrong. They found a man lying on the ground, struggling to breathe.

“He was gasping for air,” said Cook.

A stranger came by and performed CPR and Cook called 911. The family contacted Cook on Facebook to thank her for saving the man’s life.

“I still get weepy. I’m just thankful. Thankful that God out me in that parking lot when he did,” said Cook.

A wrong turn put this little boy in the right place to save a man dying in a parking lot

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