A 2-year-old boy who was denied a kidney transplant after his perfect-match father violated probation is finally recovering from a life-saving transplant.

According to CBS News, 2-year-old A.J. Burgess of Gwinnett County, Georgia was born without kidneys. He has been undergoing dialysis every night in order to survive.

His father, Anthony Dickerson, tested positive as a match, but Emory Hospital in Atlanta refused to allow Dickerson to donate his kidney, due to a parole violation, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution reports.

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A.J. has had a series of health complications. In late October, he was admitted to the hospital after getting pneumonia. He also battled a potentially deadly infection and got a new port for his dialysis treatments.

The family is also facing financial hardship. Mom Carmellia Burgess wasn’t able to get her son to and from hemodialysis appointments, because she didn’t have a car, according to Facebook posts.

But on Tuesday, just before Thanksgiving, the family finally got two doses of good news.

First, according to a Facebook post by Burgess, actor and producer Tyler Perry gifted Burgess a brand-new car after hearing her story.

“We are forever grateful,” wrote Burgess.

Then, later that day, the family’s attorney announced they learned a kidney donor was found for A.J. He underwent surgery the next day.

“This is for them an unexpected Thanksgiving miracle, it’s just a blessing,” attorney Muwali Davis said in a statement, according to ABC News. “They were just moving along, preparing for him to continue to go to dialysis, and then this happened, so it’s just been an overwhelming experience for mom, dad, all of the family, who have watched that child who no one expected to live this long, and now for him to have a chance at a healthy life, for them it’s unbelievable.”

“His surgery was successful. He’s headed to recovery,” Burgess wrote in a Facebook post Wednesday. “Thank you everyone for your continued prayers [and] most of all thank you Lord.”

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