A teenager’s simple act of kindness toward a homeless woman is inspiring people across the country.

A video posted to Instagram showed Dean Brewer, 15, of Louisville, Kentucky handing a meal to a homeless woman laying on the side of the road earlier this month. Brewer told WDRB that he couldn’t walk away when he saw the woman lying there, because even at his young age, he knows what its like to face hardship.

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“I came from a one-bedroom apartment living with my mom, and she couldn’t pay for much,” said Brewer. “They all cared for me because their parents said I respected them.”

He has since moved in with his dad, and his situation has gotten  a lot better.

“I have my own room,” said Brewer. “That makes me feel great.”

WDRB caught up with the homeless woman, Gloria Plunkett, and found the 61-year-old has mental health complications and has been living on the street for 23 years.

Brewer’s act of kindness got thousands of views on Instagram and Facebook. He said he hopes it inspires others.

“Some people can’t provide for themselves. You have to help them out and make things positive and be grateful for what you have,” said Brewer.

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