An Alabama teenager is getting a lot of attention today after going above and beyond to help firefighters battling flames at his home.

Kenneth Bennett, 15, of Cerola, Alabama managed to get out of his home safely when it went up in flames earlier this month. His family members also made it out safely.

As first responders worked to douse the flames, Kenneth went to a gas station and spent his last $40 to buy 5 cases of water for the firefighters.

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“I was out there by the road where they had a cooler full of what was water,” Kenneth told WPMI. “They had two bottles left. They were going through them left and right and I was like, ‘I’m sure they need more.'”

Kenneth’s mom says the gesture was especially moving, because Kenneth was saving the money to celebrate his one year anniversary with his girlfriend.

“I knew what he was saving the money for and I think that’s what hurt the most because I knew their one year anniversary was the next day,” Kenneth’s mom, Casie Bennett said.

When the community learned about Kenneth’s story, they rallied to give him and his girlfriend an incredible night out. The two took a limo to dinner and enjoyed a meal together, all expenses paid.

“I was shocked because honestly I didn’t expect anything in return,” said Kenneth.

The family lost everything in the fire. If you would like to donate to help, click here.

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