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A girl’s story of her coming to the aid of a younger boy has gone viral.

According to a post on Love What Matters’ Facebook page, a 14-year-old girl, in an undisclosed location, saw a boy, younger than herself, sitting alone by a tree.

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She asked her mother, Tionae Thomas, to pull their car over to make sure he was OK.

Read the rest of their account:

My WCW is my 14 yr old daughter we were on the way home and she saw a elementary kid sitting under a tree in a shopping center. She said it’s too hot 🌞moma stop the car🚗. She then asked the boy where are your parents? The boy said idk 🤷🏼‍♂️. She said can u call them? He said I only have my dads number. She let him call his dad also not standing too close so he wouldn’t be afraid. Then she told him to get off the street and go in front of the rite aid so strangers won’t try to get him and he can run in the store if need be. Then she said moma let’s wait til he gets picked up and I might have to get him some water if it’s not soon. This is why I will never let a person tear me down as a mother. This is just confirmation of the kind of children I’m raising Queens and kings

More details as to who the boy was and what caused him to be left alone, sitting under a tree came to light after the post started making the rounds on social media.

The story has been shared more than 6,700 times and has garnered 2,000 comments on the Love What Matters post, and an additional 99,000 shares on Thomas’ own page, that show how the story is warming the hearts of those reading it on social media.

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