When a 4-year-old girl wanted to make sure there were no monsters in her new home, she called in the bravest people she knows: her police department.

Sidney Fahrenbruch told KDVR that she heard some suspicious noises during her first few nights at her new Denver home.

“I heard sounds when people weren’t up,” Sidney said.

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She met Officer David Bonday at a community event earlier this month and solicited his help.

On Sunday, Bonday visited the family’s home and together they inspected the house. Bonday let Sidney use his flashlight to check under beds and couches for monsters.

“And then they ended up going in the front yard to make sure there was no monster activity,” said Sidney’s mom Megan Fahrenbruch.

Fahrenbruch said she’s grateful to the officer for giving her daughter the comfort she needed.

“We’re truly grateful to live in a town where the police officer will pay a kid any attention,” said Fahrenbruch.

Sidney has big dreams to become a cop in the future and “help other people find monsters as well,” her mother said.

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