A toddler is getting international attention for her special bond with a disabled dog.

Marion Dwyer of Niagara Falls, New York adopted Echo, a white Great Dane, as a puppy long before her daughter was born. Echo was blind and deaf. Her previous owners neglected her and planned to put her down, according to WGRZ. Soon, he was thriving.

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When Dwyer got pregnant with her daughter, Jennie, Echo started acting a bit different.

“As the baby bump grew, she was always snuggling up to it. And then, when we brought Jennie home, she wanted constantly to be near her,” Dwyer said.

Now, the pair is completely inseparable. They went viral when the Daily Mail picked up one of Dwyer’s videos on Facebook. Now, dozens of other news outlets are picking the story up.

Dwyer said she’s excited to continue to watch Jennie and Echo grow up together.

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