By Sabrina Cupit

Kortney and Justin Miller defied odds when they welcomed quadruplets at Piedmont Newnan Hospital in Georgia on Friday, Dec. 16.

Only a one in 700,000 chance a woman will conceive quadruplets naturally, Kortney is the first mom ever to deliver quads at the local hospital.

“I am doing so much better now that they are here,” Kortney tells WSB.

She adds that she felt nervous until she heard all four babies cry and knew they were okay. “We are so excited and blessed to have four healthy babies.”

Delivered at 29 weeks, the quadruplets each weighed approximately three pounds.

Baby Brandon, the largest of the four, was first, arriving at 1:30 p.m. He weighed three pounds, one ounce and measured 16 inches long.

Brayden arrived just a minute later, while his brother Bryant and sister Kenlee arrived shortly thereafter.

The hospital’s “quad squad” started planning for the infants’ arrival months earlier when mom was just 15 weeks along.

Heather Turner, MD, OBGYN at Piedmont Newnan, delivered the babies via cesarean section. Dr. Turner previously delivered the couple’s four-year-old son Bentlee at Piedmont Newnan as well.

Multiples run in Kortney’s family but Brandon, Brayden, Bryant and Kenlee are the first quadruplets.

A family just welcomed a rare set of quadruplets against all odds

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