A 10-year-old dinosaur lover recently schooled London’s Museum of Natural History after noticing a mistake on one of its displays.

Charlie Edwards was at the museum for an overnight stay when he noticed a silhouette of of a dinosaur mislabeled as an Oviraptor, when really it was a Protoceratops.

Charlie told his mom about the mistake.

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“When he told us, we said, ‘OK, we know you’re good, but this is the Natural History Museum,” mom Jade Edwards told the Metro.

She said her son has had a fascination with dinosaurs since he was young.

“He’s loved paleontology since he was very young and started reading encyclopedias when he was about three,” said Edwards. “Charlie has Asperger syndrome and as a part of that, when he like a subject he will try and find out everything about it.”

Charlie alerted a staff member to the mistake, and a few weeks later, he received a letter from the museum to thank him and let him know they were working to correct the error.

“Thank you again for getting in touch with us. We really hope you keep your enthusiasm for paleontology,” a letter from the museum read.

His mother was grateful to the museum for being so supportive of her son’s interests.

“I am really, really proud of him,” Edwards told the Telegraph. “It’s really nice that he’s been able to show what he’s learnt and that knowledge base … He was beaming from ear to ear.”

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