Parents say a bucket list road trip with their disabled son taught them a lot about his strength and their own.

Jacob Olavson, 6, started suffering from seizures when he was just days old, KARE reports. By the time he was six months old, doctors realized the seizures caused significant developmental delays.

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Jacob was later diagnosed with Early infantile epileptic encephalopathy. He is now in palliative care and cannot speak or walk. He relies on a trach tube to breathe.

Jacob’s parents, Kari and Kirk Olavson, decided to take Jacob on a bucket list trip. They took Jacob to amusement parks, up the “Rocky” steps in Philadelphia and to the ocean for the first time.

Videos and photos posted to the Facebook page Jacob’s Journey, documented the trip.

Kirk and Kari said they learned just how strong their family was on this trip.

“I feel really empowered,” said Kari. “I think that we put a lot of limits on ourselves. People in general do that.”

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