GAINESVILLE, Ga. – A 4-year-old girl from Gainesville, Georgia with a passion for reading became a librarian at the Library of Congress.

According to the Times of Gainesville, Daliyah has read more than 1,000 books through the Georgia 1,000 Books B4 Kindergarten program.

Daliyah’s parents were so proud of their daughter’s achievement that they wrote a letter to Librarian of Congress Carla Hayen. Hayden, impressed with the achievement, invited the young girl to Washington to become librarian for the day, the Associated Press reports.

Her mother, Haleema Arana, posted a video of Daliyah to YouTube reading a college-level speech called “The Pleasure of Books.”

Arana told the Times of Gainesville that she and her husband started reading to Daliyah from the time she was born.

“By the time she was 18, 19 months, we realized she could recognize a lot of the words. And we kind of took it from there,” said Arana. “Their little brains are absorbing so much. They’ll just soak it up.”

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